The Conan 2.0 Tribe

The Conan s2.0 Tribe

The Conan 2.0 Tribe is a group of more than 70 Conan expert users and contributors willing to help to define the next Conan major version.
Their feedback will be of great value to the critical decisions that will be taking place in the upcoming months during the development of Conan 2.0.

Conan 2.0 Tribe members are active Conan users and contributors from some of the most relevant companies and organizations worldwide which have volunteered to provide quality feedback in a consistent and unbiased way. These professionals develop software for industries such as aerospace, finance, automotive, healthcare, and entertainment.

How does the Conan tribe work?

Most of the interactions of the tribe will be open and will take place in the Conan Tribe Github repository. Here, the issues regarding vital decisions for the future of Conan will be discussed and voted upon. Although anyone will be able to comment, the number of upvotes and downvotes of only the members of the tribe is heavily weighted towards the final decision. We will discuss items of impact in Conan 2.0, such as improving Conan’s graph model, changing defaults, or modernizing build system toolchains and practices.

Is it possible to become a member of the tribe?

We have been adding new members every few months for the last year, while releasing the different 2.0-alpha.X versions, but Conan 2.0 is about to enter beta stage, and the Tribe is already quite big, so we are not accepting new members at the moment. After 2.0 becomes GA and a relevant amount of users have upgraded to 2.0, we will discuss with the Tribe the way going forward for strategic changes to Conan, future major 3.0, 4.0 versions, etc. We will also talk about the Tribe itself and there will be opportunities to join. In the meantime, everybody is welcome to give feedback in the Conan Tribe Github repository and contact the maintainers at

Meet the Conan tribe:

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