Conan, the C / C++ Package Manager for Developers

The open source, decentralized and multi-platform
package manager to create and share all your native binaries.

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  • All platforms
    Windows, Linux, Apple, FreeBSD, Android, iOS, embedded, cross-building, etc.
  • All build systems
    Visual Studio MSBuild, CMake, Makefiles, SCons, etc. Extensible to any build system.
  • All packages
    Python based package recipes for great extensibility, customization and integration with other systems. Package and reuse your build tools too.


  • Full binaries management
    Create, manage and reuse any number of binaries, for any configuration: platform, compiler, version, architectures… or build from sources at will.
  • Fully automated dependency management
    transitive dependencies, conflicts detection, dependencies overriding, conditional dependencies.
  • Get developers up and running faster so they can focus on their code rather than setting up their environment. Improve your Continuous Integration flows with repeatability and traceability of binary artifacts.


  • Decentralized client-server system
    Run your own open source conan-server or JFrog Artifactory on-prem to fully own your packages and binaries.
  • Conan is a Free Open Source Software with the permissive MIT license. Use, modify, redistribute, and extend it, even for commercial purposes.
  • Mature, clean and tested codebase, with strong focus on transparency and adaptation to existing tools with minimal lock-in.


Conan is an open source project, actively developed in GitHub by an amazing community of contributors and a team of engineers working full time on it. Submit your contributions, feature requests, bug reports and questions to GitHub issues. The Conan documentation is open-source as well.

JFrog Bintray provides free public hosting for all your open source packages. Create your own Conan repositories in your Bintray OSS account, upload your packages and share them. ConanCenter , is a reviewed/curated central public repository, that’s configured by default in the Conan client.

Use any Conan repository in Bintray, such as the Bincrafters repository. It’s managed by a great group of Conan contributors and users who are quickly creating packages for the most popular OSS C and C++ libraries. The conan-transit repository is a read-only snapshot of non-reviewed packages, migrated from the old site, that you can use as references for your own recipes.

Engage with other Conan users, contributors and maintainers on Twitter and Slack #conan channel. New users, questions and discussions are always welcome!


Enterprise Solutions Engineer at GitHub
Johannes Nicolai

"Conan makes it easier for our many automotive GitHub Enterprise customers doing C and C++ programming to establish a continuous delivery pipeline that actually deserves that name."

Senior Software Engineer
Ovanes Markarian

"With Conan it was a miracle to seamlessly manage C++ dependencies between Linux and Mac OS X. Whenever a new compiler was used Conan easily recompiled all third party libraries. Updating to the newer versions of the libraries become now so much easier and also very reproducible and automated as well. Thanks for such a great project and keep up improving it! "

Software Architect at Keysight Technologies
Daniel Greidinger

"What is best in life? Crushing your build times, driving your semantically versioned packages before you, and not hearing the lamentations of your developers"

Compiler Whisperer at Microblink
Nenad Mikša

"Conan integration enabled a 10x reduction in our development compile-test cycle and release build times, enabling extra coding time for devs and much quicker BlinkID SDK releases. Organizing our codebase into multiple packages enabled us easier maintenance. On top of that, the dependency graph visualizer is great for every developer to see the overview of all modules/packages, as well as their individual contribution to the complete project."

Sr Devops Lead Engineer at Mercedes-Benz R&D
Siva Mandadi

"Conan has amplified our productivity, by minimizing the build times and implement full fled CI features for our C/C++ development. Its the true dependency manager for C/C++"

IT Manager at Melexis
Peter Tillemans

"Conan brings C++ development and dependency management into the 21st century and on par with the other development eco-systems. We are currently designing this in to streamline the development of test programs for our products to help facilitate reuse and help our distributed teams develop the robust and efficient tests to guarantee the quality of our innovative products."

DevOps Lead at Arxan Technologies
Derian Reuss

"Conan helped us with our infrastructure overhaul by reducing our full build time by over 40 minutes. That has saved us both Developer time and reduced our AWS bill."

C++ Software Developer at Pix4D
Luis Díaz Más

At Pix4D, we suffered for years the pain of managing a few dozens of 3rd party dependencies with our home-grown tools. Not only developers were feeling that pain, but also the CI/CD infrastructure. We decided to give Conan a try, and it worked! It does not matter how the libraries we depend on are built or provided (CMake, autotools, pre-compiled binaries). Conan gives us the flexibility to manage C/C++ libraries of all kinds. We have Conan fully integrated in our CI system and we do pretty advanced things with it. It definitely made our life easier.

Manager of AppAnywhere Technology Strategy
Gerald R. Wiltse

"Conan arrived just in time to enable us to test multiple networking, logging, and cryptography libraries simply by adding lines to a text file. Moreover, when we did decide to master a library, we invested our time into a single cross-platform package, so our developers didn't need to build and rebuild the library on their own. It's revolutionized how we do rapid prototyping."

C++ Software Developer at Khomp
Uilian Ries

"Conan is the best solution for external dependencies in C/C++ projects. It linked C++ and DevOps by applying a common language for building, packaging, and distributing our artifacts to any platform and architecture."

Owner & Lead Software Engineer at Imazen
Nathanael Jones

"Conan has been a lifesaver in managing cross-platform packages for Imageflow. It's flexible, addresses the hard problems of C/C++ package management head-on, and is backed by a fantastic set of developers. Don't waste your time with alternatives; this is the real deal."

R&D Engineer at Tanker
Theo Delrieu

"I'll simply say that I was a total n00b in build systems before, dreading to update dependencies. Conan made it easy and likeable, I'm now really interested in packaging... Weird for a C++ programmer!"

Boost.Build and Boost.Predef author and lead programmer at Disbelief LLC
Rene Rivera

"Conan’s flexibility made it possible to do something that was thought intractable; to make a modular Boost C++ Libraries distribution."

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